Winter Haven Adventist Academy

We are looking forward to another great year!  We have plans for many new programs and opportunities for our students, parents and church to enjoy together this year.  We need a lot of help to get these plans in action, so we are encouraging all parents, or extended family, to commit to 10 hours per semester this year.  We would also like to encourage church members to volunteer and help us make our school one of excellence.   Below are listed the areas we need the most help in:
  1. Transportation. Help with transportation for field trips.
  2. Monthly Birthday Parties. Help with special hot lunch meal once a month in honor of all children born that month.  (We have special Happy Unbirthday celebrations for summer birthday children as well.)
  3. PIE Meetings.  Attend regularly and help Mrs. Turner with details surrounding our monthly PIE meetings (Parents Involved in Education). 
  4. Parties.  Help organize, plan, decorate, and clean up during parties or special events throughout year.
  5. Baking/Cooking.  Help students learn to bake or cook.                                                                                                                          
  6. Worship Leader Come in once a month for worship with the kids.
  7. Musicians.  If you can play the guitar or any musical instrument, come and give lessons.  You could volunteer your time or charge the parents for the lessons. It's up to you.
  8. Drama Class Teach the children to speak up in front.  You would work to produce 2 plays (approved by Mrs. Turner) per year
  9. Announcements.  Make sure all the calendar items are put into our church bulletin in advance. 
  10. PE Instructor. Come out and exercise with the students. This would involve a commitment of 1-4 days a week. It would be up to 1 1/2 hours per day. You can play games, do exercises, work on the Presidential Physical Fitness award.
  11. Tutor.  Come in and help students out with math, or listen to the little ones read.  This could be an hour a week or more.  Just let us know in advance when you can come, so we can plan.
  1. Fundraising.  This takes “all hands on deck”!  We need lots of help unloading fruit boxes when they come in, counting boxtops, organizing Campbell’s labels, selling, and various other things.  Below are ideas for the ways we could  fundraising this year:
  • Boxtops4Education. Buy products with boxtops on them, clip them and turn them in. The school earns 10 cents for each boxtop turned in. You can also shop at some of your favorite online stores through the boxtop website, and the stores will donate a percentage of your purchase back to our school.  Our goal for this year is $200, and with your help we can do it!
  •  Collect Campbell’s, Prego, Swanson, Pepperidge Farms, and V8 proof of purchase labels and turn them in. The school gets one or five points for each label, and gets valuable items for free with the accumulated points. 
  • The Penny War!  Bring in all your pennies and extra nickels, dimes, and quarters to school.  If the total of  sum equals over $100 by the end of the year, the students get an ice cream party!
  • Pizza & Movie Night.  We will have a Pizza & A Movie on Saturday night in the school gymnasium.  All proceeds will go to the school.  We will also be planning other fundraising activities in the gym, more to follow.
  • Big Coloring Books.  We will be setting up a link on our website to allow friends and family to purchase these beautiful coloring books as gifts and the school will receive a percentage of the sales.


We will have a great school year as we work together!  If you can help in any way, please let Mrs. Turner know.  Thank you!