Winter Haven Adventist Academy

Building Core Values
At Winter Haven Adventist Academy we recognize the importance of building our students for service.  We help nurture their desires to be of service to their family, their community, and their God.  Thus through service, building core values that will last:

Spirituality: Willingness to connect with God. Desire to have a life-long, lasting relationship with Jesus, our Creator, Substainer and Redeemer. 

Responsibility: Able to be trusted and depended upon to complete tasks, follow directions and take credit for one's actions.

Courage: Possessing confidence and resolve to take risks and make right decisions in the face of pressure and adverse or unfamiliar circumstances.

Integrity: Being truthful, fair and trustworthy in words and actions.

Fitness: Recognizing the need to be fit physically, mentally, and emotionally and acting on that need.

Respect: Appreciating the value of a person or an object through words, actions and attitude-treating people appropriately with common courtesy.

Passion: Having a enthusiasm for learning, for life, and about one's community and world.

Community: Recognizing and honoring the interconnectedness between one's students, teachers, family, neighborhood and world.