Winter Haven Adventist Academy

Highlights of 2010-2011

Let the studies begin!        Computer time    Worship with Pastor Nathan
     Let the learning begin!                 Smiles                         Computer Time         Worship with Pastor Nathan

   Math Manipulatives            Science -Raise the Temp             Our Class turtle                   Leap Frog

     PE Relay                     Social Studies - Egyptians?       Homemade Hummis - yum!         Holy Land Experience

         Samson?                       A Repast to the Past                Hang On!!                           Ready for Take Off

   Puzzle Time                    Pretty Pumpkins                         Solar Ovens                      Mr. Goodbody    

   Splish Splash                            For Mom?                  Exercise the Oriental Way          Christmas Program

       What's cooking?                   Clear the way!               Open wide!                         Lights, camera , action!

       Living History                     State Fair Art                      New Student?                   Tight Squeeze

  Outdoor Education Week          Culinary Arts                    Bike-A-Thon                       Festival of the Arts